Monday, September 7, 2009

Bonus: a "999" Poem

Here is a poem I wrote for a contest run by online poet friend Don "Kingfisher" Campbell. The premise is to write 9-line poem of nine words per line, on a subject that has something to do with the number 9. Here's his site: http://999poetry.

This concrete poem is in the form of a sudoku. I presume you could solve it with the numbers provided, if you were so inclined.

Click the image to enlarge it.

If you like it, go to the above link and leave a positive comment for the poem. Apparently these will help determine the winner of the contest. Thanks!


Joseph said...

I don't think there's quite enough numbers to solve, but very clever nonetheless! :)

Hannah said...

Enjoyed the imagery you promoted with the words cell, web and terroristic. Really neat idea, I've never seen anyone do this. Good luck with the contest!