Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Extra: Post-Election Poetry

I'm doing Robert Brewer's Poem-a-Day Challenge again for November, and though I won't be posting daily as I did in April, I may share some of my prompted poems from time to time. This one I wanted to try to post because I'm not the most savvy person with HTML, and I wasn't sure how to post these "justified" poems anywhere else.  The prompt (from Day 6) was to write a "left poem" and a "right poem" - to be interpreted anyway the poet desired.  So in light of yesterday's election (the results of which I am quite satisfied with, just so you know), I thought I'd write a "right", a "left", and a "center" poem:

Red's Lament

The Left
is out in left field.
They've left behind
all reason, those bleeding hearts.
I will pay them no compliments,
not even a left-handed one.
I don't even trust southpaws.
You know "sinister" is Latin for
"left-handed", don't you?
When they're done with our country,
what will be left?
Blue's Ballyhoo

The Right
just aren't thinking right.
What gives them the right
to leave the poor behind?
They think everything's all right
as long as they've got theirs.
In Latin, "right-handed" is "dexter",
like the serial killer on TV.
You think they'll kill our country
with greed and selfishness?
You got that right.

Purple's Plea

We're in the middle
of all this fuss.
Let's get over ourselves,
find our center, and breathe.
Compromise is not a dirty word.
Here in the middle of the road
there are no ruts.
Red and blue together
make such a beautiful color.
If we're even-handed, we'll be great again,
the center of our universe.

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