Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yeah, today is number 56 - man, that sounds old! I should be retired from the government by now, but it looks like I'll be stuck here for at least a few more years. At least today will be a good day at work - my friends are taking me out to lunch, I got a few cards, even flowers(!) from a coworker who likes to give everyone flowers for their birthday, and yesterday I got a cake from another friend who isn't in today. Tonight the family and I are going out to dinner.

I've taken up the "Poem-a-day" challenge for National Poetry Month, trying to write a poem a day for every day of April. For some poets that may not be a big deal, but my production and work ethic have been way down lately, so this is a good way to goose my muse. So far I'm 26 for 26 (still have to write one for today). Granted, these include two haiku and a limerick, but they still count. And some of them may actually be of some merit.

I forgot to mention in my intro blog that much of my poetry is available on a great poetry community site called I've been a member almost since I started writing again in 1999, and I am a former administrator (I left that post voluntarily as a personal decision). Not all my most recent stuff is accessible to non-members, but you are welcome to look at my library at If you're a poet, consider joining.

I'll leave you with a not-so-recent poem, but one I'm proud of: it was published by Schuylkill Valley Journal, who nominated it for a Pushcart Prize.

Last Frame

When I go out
let it be as a bowling ball:
sixteen-pound, resin-polished,
black as a January night.

Lob me down
that smooth varnished lane,
hardwood rumble,
a graceful arc –

scattering ten pins with
cacophonous clatter,
valedictory strike,
X in the box, a perfect frame.

Don’t wait for me
at the ball return.

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Dear bruce
you are a gifted and kind poet
This month I am in Miami, Jerusalem and Wash DC
please grace us with mor eof your poetry again in the near future
all the best, ilise
I.L. Feitshans JD and ScM