Monday, April 30, 2007

I Did It!

National Poetry Month has come and gone, and I have survived the challenge! I managed to crank out a poem a day for every day in April. Quite a variety, from two haiku and a limerick to a longer narrative about my old house. There was a sonnet and a couple of other bits of rhymed verse in there, too. I got some inspiration from all over the place, too, including my wife, who gave me the seed for two poems. The month was overall a pretty good one: I read at three different venues, and I got my copy of The Wolf #14, a very fine poetry journal out of London edited by my friend James Byrne. You can visit their website here:
My poem "Character Assassin" is featured in that issue (print edition, not the website).

Short entry tonight - I'm bushed. I'll leave you with a poem from my challenge month:

George Washington's Teeth

They reside inside a glass pedestal
in the museum by his homestead.
Unlike the legend, they are not wood,
but a discolored composite of ivory and gold,
with spring-loaded jaw hinges.

Were these the same teeth
that pronounced the resigning of his commission,
thereby handing the reins to Congress?
Did these teeth work with lips and tongue
to utter the first oath of office?
Could these same teeth have nibbled Martha’s neck
in a rare unbridled moment of passion?

So help me, I mean no disrespect,
but when I see these antique dentures
they remind me of those windup chattering teeth,
not that I would imagine novelty choppers
inside George Washington’s head.
But I could certainly see them in the mouth
of a certain other president.