Saturday, April 14, 2012

PAD Challenge Day 14

Today's prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1)Write a Doomsday poem, and (2) write a sonnet. Hence, my Doomsday sonnet (I have to give props to my teenage son for inspiring the opening line):

Sonnet 2012
(after Shakespeare)

Shall I compare you to the End of Days?
You are much safer and predictable
than cataclysm that the Mayans say
will come December of this year. I will
not buy this, can’t believe your grace would die
in conflagration, earthquake, hurricane,
your smile erased by some tsunami’s tide,
your spirit melted in monsoon-like rain.
But still, there is that chance they got it right,
and this may be our last year on this earth,
so let’s abandon hope and dance all night,
and if there’s sunrise, watch for all it’s worth.
So long as I can breathe and I can see,
I’ll thank the world for your good company.

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