Friday, April 27, 2012

PAD Challenger Day 27

Happy Birthday to me!  I had a pretty nice day - took half a day off from work, went out to lunch with my lovely wife, and just for fun we went to see the new animated film from Aardman Studios (creators of Wallace and Gromit), "The Pirates - Band of Misfits" - in 3D, no less. Very good and quite funny. (Imagine an evil Queen Victoria!)  Later we went to our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant with my sister-in-law, son and daughter-in-law, and our international student, and came back home for a pineapple upside-down birthday cake.

Today's prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) Write a poem with the title "The Trouble is _____", and (2) write a nursery rhyme or clapping rhyme style of poem.  I wrote one that was a sort of jump-rope rhyme (or my impression of one, anyway - I was never any good at jumping rope).  And since it was my birthday today, of course the subject was aging:

The Trouble Is Aging (A Jump-Rope Rhyme)

The trouble is, aging's not great for the old,
the "golden years" aren't always, if truth be told.
But if you feel younger, then maybe there's hope,
if you say this rhyme with us while you skip rope:

A is for AARP - yes, I've got my card,
B is for Bingo, a game that's not hard.
C is for Cholesterol, mine's way too high,
D is for Depends. we wear to stay dry.
E is for Ensure, to help with nutrition,
F is for False teeth, an unwelcome addition.
G is for Grandkids, who make it worthwhile,
H is for High Blood Pressure – too high by a mile.
I is for IHOP discount, for breakfast some day,
J is for Joints – stiffness won't go away.
K is for "Kids move in", sign of lean times,
L is for Laxatives - constipation's a crime!
M  is for Medicare, to pay doctor bills,
N is for Nursing homes, when you're old as the hills.
O is for Orthotic shoes, they fit to a T,
P is for Prescriptions, too many for me.
Q is for Quilting bees - do old ladies do that?
R is for Retirement - hang up your work hat.
S is for Social Security - that once-a-month check,
T is for tired, all the time - what the heck!
U is Urinary - up all night to pee,
V is for Viagra, if you still make whoopee.
W is for Wrinkles - give you character? A crock!
X is for X-rays, good or bad news from doc.
Y is for Young at heart, which helps you live longer,
Z is for Zesty - skipping rope makes you stronger!

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Mad Kane said...

Your birthday alpha poem is great fun!

Madeleine Begun Kane