Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PAD Challenge Day 16

Late again - yes, taxes and computers again, but at least now the former issue is behind me. April 16's dual prompt from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) Write a "mixed-up" poem, and (2) write a poem based on one of three photos on NaPoWriMo's blog (or a photo of your own choice). I used the third one they provided, which you can see here.

Tanka: Aimless

four empty rowboats
drift together on the lake
four captains wander the shore
unaware of who they are

I've also returned to Madeline Kane's Limerick-Off contest on her humor blog, after several weeks' hiatus. As you may know, she provides the first line and you have to finish the limerick, and at the end of the week she selects the winners. I've won first place a couple of times, so here's hoping these will do well. (Note: the second limerick was also inspired by one of the NaPoWriMo photos.)

A gal was recounting her woes:
"The singles bar scene really blows!
It is quite alarming
to look for Prince Charming,
and find Curlys, Larrys and Moes!"

A snail was recounting his woes:
"The gardeners try to dispose
of my body with salt -
being here's not my fault -
and my friends have become escargots!"

1 comment:

R. Wilder Jr. said...

haha, those limericks are great. Both very fun and rhythmically sound, but the last one made me chuckle the most. Never seen someone use escargot for a rhyme before...that deserves accolades all on its own, heh. Great writing!