Sunday, April 14, 2013

PAD Day 14

Today's dual prompts: (1) Write a persona poem from the point of view of a superhero or super-villain, and (2) write a sonnet.  Well, the sonnet is one of my favorite forms, but apparently I'm not the world's best authority on superheroes (or superheroines), because my son pointed out that the subject of this poem is not technically a superheroine but a "mutant".  What-evs - I kind of like the way it came out.


This power is a blessing and a curse,
a force that can control the atmosphere.
I'll summon up a hurricane and worse,
or blow away the clouds and make it clear.
My colleagues all respect my strength and powers
to vanquish villains with climatic change.
But when I wile away the idle hours,
I wish this talent didn't seem so strange.
When I met you, the sky was full of blue.
We basked in sun, but soon the clouds would gain
their hold on the horizon, moving through
when you betrayed me.  Still I held back rain.
I've got to clear these dark thoughts from my head,
or some stray lightning bolt may strike you dead.

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