Friday, April 19, 2013

PAD Day 19

Today's prompts: (1) Write a poem in the form of a personal ad, and (2) write a "burn" poem (to be interpreted as you like).  I admit that my poem's connection to the second prompt is tenuous at best ("burning" is mentioned in the first part), but I did have fun doing this one.

Musical Personals

Are you lonesome tonight?
Hunk o' burning love seeks
hard-headed woman to love him tender.
Loves pets, especially hound dogs. 
Don't be cruel, it's now or never.
No suspicious minds.
Reply care of Heartbreak Hotel.

Jealous guy seeks woman for real love.
Come together and imagine us
in a day in the life, free as a bird. 
I'll do whatever gets you thru the night.
No mind games. 
Reply to

Material girl seeks true blue lover
not afraid to express yourself
and tell me a bedtime story.
I want to be crazy for you
but you need to justify my love.
Let's go on a holiday to the borderline -
I'll act like a virgin and live to tell.
Call 1-800-555-VOGUE.

Another bonus poem today: Yesterday I told my teenage son about the Poetic Asides prompt to write a poem with the title "I Am ______".  He suggested that in light of recent events that I write one from the point of view of the city of Boston.  When I said I wasn't sure if I would do that, he took the initiative and wrote one himself.  Here it is:

I Am Boston
by Ryan Niedt

I am Boston,
the capital of Massachusetts,
the shouts and cheers at a Red Sox game
when Yastrzemski was at the plate. 

I am higher culture,
showing the world the way artists capture
a world with their brush.

I am history.
My roads still echo with the cries of patriots,
dumping tea into my harbor,
and the cracks of musket shots
preceded by a British officer screaming,
"Hold your fire!"

I am a 24.5 mile run
that ended with a sickening "bang".
I am the cries of anguish and fear.
I am in the faces of those
who had the nails tear at their skin.
I am the blood and the pain.

I am selflessness
 and altruism.
I am all the people
who risked their lives
for the preservation of others.
I am patriotism.
I am unification
as America raises its voice
in support.

I am love.
I am life.
I am hope.
I am Boston.

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Gordon Gearhart said...

This is in regards to "I Am Boston" - I really like this piece a lot; its a touching tribute to the men, women, and children who were affected by that tragedy. Going through the history of Boston and the use of 'I Am' is a nice touch.