Sunday, April 7, 2013

PAD Day 7

I took a while (till after midnight, actually) to get this one going, even though the two prompts for today seemed to fit together very nicely.  They were (1) write a "sevenling" (a seven-line poem of two tercets and a seventh line - each tercet should deal with something in threes, with the last line as a "twist" or "punch line"), and (2) write a poem in which each line is a declarative sentence except the last line which is a question.  So here is mine fun little poetic trifle:

Note to S.W.

Sweetheart, I'm not bashful.
I'm dopey enough to tell you how I feel.
I don't need a doc to tell me I'm lovesick.

I'm grumpy when you're not around.
I'm sleepy from staying up all night thinking about you.
I'd buy you flowers, even though they make me sneezy.

Aren't you happy that my love for you dwarfs all the rest?

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