Sunday, April 28, 2013

PAD Day 28

Today's dual prompts: (1) Write a "color" poem, and (2) write a shadorma.  A "shadorma" is allegedly a form that originated in Spain (though it's more likely an invented contemporary form) of six lines with syllable counts of 3,5,3,3,7 and 5.  As such, it's a similar discipline to haiku or tanka.  So here's a string of shadormas I wrote on the topic of color:

The Color of Azalea

In my yard
an azalea bush
my birthday
with fireworks of purple
flowers every year.

Yet "purple"
doesn't do justice
to its hue -
perhaps (that's my niece's name)
or heliotrope.

Maybe plum
(no, that's way too deep),
or lilac (those don't work, they're
other flowers' names).

Puce or mauve?
Both are ugly words.
No artist,
just a guy,
I'll be content with "purple" -
it suits me just fine.

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