Saturday, April 19, 2014

PAD Day 19: Weird Shells and Colors

Today's prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) Write a "color" poem, with a color as the title, and (2) write a poem that uses at least one name from a list of unusual names for seashells.  (You can see the list here.) As a personal challenge, I tried to cram as many of the phrases from that list as possible and managed to use eleven of them (with some minor variations).  What I ended up with is a rather surreal poem, but here it is - the shell names I used are underlined:


Come walk on the calcified beach with me
tonight. Be sure to wear the resurrected pearls
from your Lazarus jewel box.  Come barefoot
so we might wade in the incidental surf.
After awhile, take off your Peruvian hat,
that heavy bonnet with the Andean peak,
and I will remove my triangular nutmeg
colonial cap, that ghastly miter.
Then pull off your seaweed shift over
your shoulder blades, sea cat, and shake out
your strawberry top of curly red hair, 
while I slip off my shirt of Spanish moss. 
Sparse doves will flash in the periwinkle sky 
as we swim out to the breakers professing love, 
unequal and bittersweet, and drink light from that 
false cup-and-saucer, the bleeding, incised moon


Vince Gotera said...

Actually, you got eleven, counting "heavy bonnet."

Vince Gotera said...

I also meant to add, nicely done!

Bruce Niedt said...

Thanks for that pickup, Vince - will update.