Sunday, April 6, 2014

PAD Day 6 and Publication News

First of all, I just got confirmation that my untitled "somonka", a collaboration with Aussie poet Rosemary Nissen-Wade, is appearing in Robert Brewer's poetry column in the new issue of Writer's Digest (the May/June issue, I presume, because I haven't seen it yet.) This will be the fourth time I've appeared in print in his column.  Pretty cool. (A somonka is a two-verse tanka written in collaboration with another poet, where one writes the first verse and the other writes the second, often on a love-related theme.)

Today's dual prompts: (1) Poetic Asides - write a "night" poem.  (2) NaPoWriMo - the good old "look out your window" prompt: spend a few minutes at your window observing, and make a list of nouns, colors and verbs based on what you see, then make a poem from those lists. My result was a bit looser with the word list and a bit more literal with the observation, but here it is:


spring is late this year
nothing pink or yellow outside
but my neighbor's six-foot
inflatable Easter Bunny

which slowly and eerily
rises and falls from a hatched
and decorated egg

which we cannot even
ignore after dark
as it continues its creepy
slo-mo peek-a-boo
illuminated from within

come on, flowers
please come steal the show

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