Friday, April 25, 2014

PAD Day 25: Anaphora on Pet Peeves

Only six days to go for the poem-a-day challenge! I started to feel like I was running out of steam, and the last couple of days I struggled to write something decent before the day was out. Still, I think I cranked out a half-decent villanelle yesterday. Also, I haven't exceeded the minimum requirement, as I haven't written more than one poem a day - most years I write at least a few extra. One of my poet friends has already written over 70.

Today's dual prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) Write a "last straw" poem, and (2) write a poem with "anaphora" (lines or sentences that start with the same word or phrase). Atleast I was able to get this one out earlier in the day than the last few, although it's rather light and just for fun.

To Whomever Left the Empty Ice Cube Tray in the Freezer

I can think of nothing more useless,
other than you.
Here’s how I will get my revenge:

I will leave an empty box
in the cupboard when I finish
the last piece of your favorite snack.

I will leave all your socks without mates
when they come out of the laundry.

I will leave the toilet seat up
every single time (if you are female).

I will leave all the dirty dishes for you
whether you cooked dinner or not.

I will leave your DVD out of the box
when I take it out of the player
and replace it with the one I want to watch.

I will leave the radio tuned
to your least favorite station
whenever I borrow your car.
I will leave almost no gas in it, too.

I will leave your life in chaos when I –
wait a minute.
Maybe I was the one who left that tray.
I guess we should buy a new fridge
with an ice maker.


Valeri said...

Bruce, I LOVE this poem! :) I am going to reblog this on my page. You are SO creative with the prompts! :)

Bruce Niedt said...

Thanks for the shout-outs! I'm happy that you like my work.