Thursday, April 17, 2014

PAD Day 17: Love is a Game

Today's prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWRiMo: (1) Write a "pop culture" poem, and (2) write a poem that uses at least three of the five senses.  Min uses sight, sound and touch, though not very vividly or memorably. My "pop culture" reference will be obvious to anyone who has experienced this very popular phenomenon.

Love is a Game

I could spend the whole day with you.
I love your colorful personality,
organized yet always in motion,
shapely and glossy in a parade
of red, yellow, green, blue,
orange and more.  Zither music
lopes along as we dance and collapse
a little, only to build up again.
I love to stroke you, cool as glass,
and my fingers rearrange you.
I may have to shatter some pieces,
but you don't seem to mind.
I'll bring down cherries
and apples for you, I'll even
set off a chocolate bomb.
Sometimes  jelly gets in the way,
sometimes more chocolate, but if
I persevere,   little fish may swim by
and help me achieve to my goal,
to score the most points with you.
Oh Candy, you're my addiction.
I have a huge crush on you.

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