Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PAD Day 14: With Thanks to Nick Lowe

Today's prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: 
(1) Write an "honest" poem and/or a "dishonest" poem, and 
(2) Write a "dialog" or "conversation" poem.

These two seemed to fit so well together. Right away I thought of writing about a dialog between an honest character and a dishonest one.  I struggled all day, though, trying to come up with something. Then I heard a song by singer-songwriter Nick Lowe about a guy who buys cheap roses try to placate his wife or lover into keeping that relationship alive, and I thought I'd run with that theme.  I also tried to do my friend Vince Gotera's invented form, the "terza rima haiku sonnet", but I found that, at least for this poem, I needed a lot more syllables.  So here is my "regular" Shakespearean sonnet:

Last Bouquet

Love's promise in cellophane lace
Or dead giveaway?
                - Nick Lowe, "Stoplight Roses"

My dear, come see these flowers that I brought
for you - I thought you'd like a special treat.

I have no love for roses that you bought
from homeless guys who sell them on the street.

How can I gain your trust, how to preserve
the spark of passion both of us could share?

You can't, because I've nothing in reserve;
that spark was snuffed before your last affair.

Will you have  feelings if I go away?

Just  for the flowers, strangely, I feel sorrow.
We'll live to curse and fight another day,
but like our marriage,  they'll be dead tomorrow.

I always thought our love could be much more.

Just leave - and take those roses to your whore.

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