Wednesday, April 20, 2022

PAD Day 20: Veggies Speak!

 Today's dual prompts from NaPoWriMo and Write Better Poetry: (1) Write a poem from the point of view of a food, and (2) write a poem using at least three, or as many as six, of the following words: content, double, guide, meet, pump, suit. I used all six in my silly light verse in couplets, and I pulled an "Ogden Nash" on a couple of the rhymes ("cabbage/gabbage" and "finish/spinish"), but I had fun with it. I imagined a less-then-favorite vegetable trying to convince me to eat them.

Brussels Sprouts Make Their Case
Look, we know, we understand, we're not your favorite veg;
tomatoes, corn and broccoli all seem to have the edge.
It's hard to pump excitement up for silly little cabbage,
but give us half a chance, don't just throw us in the gabbage!
All you need's a recipe to be your kitchen guide,
then meet us in the middle, we may get you on our side!
Saute us in some olive oil or butter―now you're shakin'―
and just for extra measure, you can add some chopped-up bacon!
(All right, then, you can  double up the bacon if you wish.)
Toss in some fresh minced garlic for an aromatic dish!
Or stick us in the oven for that extra crispy finish―
perhaps then we'll move up your list, you'll like us more than spinish!
May we suggest a favorite wine―a Chardonnay will suit,
and we know you'll be content, 'cos grape's your favorite fruit!
So raise a toast to us wee sprouts, enjoying a revival,
and cook a bunch of us (with bacon) for your friends' arrival!


Vince Gotera said...

Bruce, what a fun ditty! Congrats! I love "gabbage" and "spinish" — very Dr. Seuss–like to invent words to rhyme with.

Hey, by the way, I responded to you in today's comments. I do that fairly often ... don't know if you make it back.

Elizabeth Boquet said...

Perfect voice :) Much fun. Thanks for posting!

Jenna said...

I actually love brussels sprouts. :) You've just got to cook them right. The line about doubling the bacon made me smile.

Vince Gotera said...

Bruce, congrats on being featured in!

Ali said...

A fun read. Congratulations on being featured for NaPoWriMo.

Donna M Day said...

So much fun. I still hate sprouts though! ;)