Tuesday, April 25, 2017

PAD Day 25: Those Lusty Librarians

Today's dual prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) write a love and/or anti-love poem, and (2) write a poem about a small space, particularly one of significance to you. Well, my poem is pure fiction about the small space of a cubicle (or cubby) in the corner of a library where some hi-jinks might have gone on. I wrote it as a sonnet, but some of the lines seemed to want to be longer than the standard iambic pentameter, so I came up with something I call a "mixed fourteener sonnet". In this case, lines 4-7 and 11-12 are 14 syllables (iambic heptameter). In some lines there is an extra syllable too, due to the unstressed final syllable (known in some quarters as a "feminine" ending). Anyway, you're welcome to try it too - I haven't established any rule on which, or how many, of the lines should be longer, as long as it makes sense to the flow of the poem.


A study cubby back behind the stacks
is where we first locked lips. The shelves between
the main desk and our tryst were filled, the racks
from Poetry to Fiction (811-813)
would camouflage shenanigans, while patrons turning pages
had no idea librarians could be their lusty selves,
by bumping up against the books instead of earning wages,
pulling orders, organizing shelves.
And when we exited that private nook,
returning to the world of Mr. Dewey,
we might  exchange a sideways smile or swap a furtive look,
but always being business-like, no sentimental hooey.
Then after work, like any learned lovers,
we'd read a book and get between the covers. 

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Vince Gotera said...

Excellent sonnet, Bruce. Perhaps you could call this form the "hi-jinks sonnet." You could also say it's pentameter á là Hopkins ... sprung rhythm! Which I've always thought meant you could say where the stresses are and call the rest unstressed if ya wanna.