Tuesday, April 11, 2017

PAD Day 11: Sonnet and Anti-sonnet

Today's dual prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) write a sonnet or an "anti-form" poem, and (2) write a "bop".  Even though the bop is derived from the sonnet, I thought it best not to combine these two form-related prompts. I will try to write a bop later, but for now, here is my sonnet. I actually wrote it as a free-verse poem last night but re-wrote it in form for today's prompt.

Easter Egg Hunt in a Church Graveyard

The irony of this is lost on three-
and four-year olds, who see this is a yard
with big stones in it. Basket-bearing, free,
they run for multicolored eggs. It's hard
for them, so parents help. Around the stones
they pluck their prizes, scampering above
the long departed, all the dust and bones
of those like Mary Wellington, beloved
wife, 1840-1892,
pneumonia, or some similar disease.
One wonders if she was a person who
had grandkids, and if so, she might be pleased
a little girl named Mary won the race
to find an egg above her resting place.

And here is an "anti-sonnet", so to speak, just for fun:

Sonnet for the Taciturn

I don't
do form.
I won't
get warm
to rhyme
or beat,
my crime,

But hey,
I'll try
not cry -

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