Saturday, April 15, 2017

PAD Day 15: Getting to Happily-ever-after

Today's dual prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) write a poem about "one time", and (2) write a poem about the "middle" of something. Both are rather vague prompts, so I did my best to combine them. This may need some rhythmic tweaking, but here it is so far:

Once in the Middle of a Time

Snow White lies poisoned by an apple,
Cinderella leaves her slipper on the stair.
Jack steals a golden goose from a mad giant,
Mother Gothel cuts Rapunzel's golden hair.

Rumpelstiltskin makes the miller's daughter guess his name,
Hansel, Gretel, could both be a witch's feast.
Sleeping Beauty's nap could last at least a hundred years,
Belle refuses the proposals of the Beast.

Atticus is fighting for Tom Robinson,
Scrooge is haunted in the middle of the night,
Sam and Frodo take the One Ring into Mordor,
Huck Finn and his friend Jim have taken flight.

It's easy to feel dropped into the middle,
to feel the situation has no end,
Happily-ever-after's not so far away -
just have faith, and lots of energy to spend.

And here's a "bonus" poem, written for yesterday's Poetic Asides prompt (write a poem whose title is a well-known saying).  See if you can figure out the wordplay I have going on.

No Man Is an Island

"...he's a peninsula." - Jefferson Airplane

Don't think that my pen insulates me
from the rest of the world.
There is land at least on one side.
I sail this ship of stories,
this vessel of ideas, this ark. Uphill I go
from shore; the higher ground doesn't
bother me at all.  I let the view inspire me.
The worst I could do is miss this chance.

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