Sunday, April 23, 2017

PAD Day 23: Three "Elevenies"

Today's dual prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) write a poem with the title "Last _____", and (2) write an "elevenie". What's an elevenie, you may ask? Well, here's the explanation, per NaPoWriMo's Maureen Thorson:

"An elevenie is an eleven-word poem of five lines, with each line performing a specific task in the poem. The first line is one word, a noun. The second line is two words that explain what the noun in the first line does, the third line explains where the noun is in three words, the fourth line provides further explanation in four words, and the fifth line concludes with one word that sums up the feeling or result of the first line’s noun being what it is and where it is. "

So here are three "elevenie" poems for you - two that have two stanzas and one with one stanza. (Does that make a "fifty-five-ie"?)

Last Flight

lifting off
twenty thousand feet
above fields of broken-hearted

touching down
clearing the gate
while outstretched arms await

Last of the Ninth

cleanup hitter
stands at home
his team's last hope

fly ball
deep center field
it's got a chance-

Last Season

shuffling, slack-jawed
enter my room
attracted by TV light -


Vince Gotera said...

Those are great, Bruce. I love the word "pandemonium"! So you watch TWD? And/or FTWD?

Bruce Niedt said...

Oh yeah. I lost track of FTWD after season 2 though. Guess I'll have to binge-watch, LOL.