Friday, April 6, 2018

PAD Day 6: An Anti-Ode to Brussels Sprouts

Today's dual prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) Write a poem about a food (with that food as a poem's title), and (2) write a poem that goes out of your "comfort zone" regarding line breaks - make them longer or shorter than you usually do, break them in unconventional places, etc.  So here is my result. (I exaggerated my dislike of the food just a little here - I have been known to eat it on rare occasions.)

Brussels Sprouts

I blame the Belgians
                for you, atrocity
of the produce isle
                and grocer's freezer.
Insidious little cabbage buds,
                tight clumps of green,
bite-sized and potent,
                I will never invite you
for dinner. Even your friendship
                with bacon
will not woo me,
                and I care not whether
you are served steamed,
                roasted or raw.
You shall not pass
                my lips, no matter
how dressed.
                I'm not even a fan
of your larger cousins,
                except maybe as coleslaw.
So move on,
                and join the ranks
of peas, limas
                and asparagus
on my no-fly list               
                of vegetables.


Jilly said...

Ok, in a weird sort of way, I like the HTML snafu on PA. It expresses how I feel about Brussel's Sprouts. Jilly

Angela said...