Monday, April 16, 2018

PAD Day 16: Light Verse on Fun and Games

Today's dual prompts from Poetic Asides and Na:PoWriMo are rather easy and fit well together: (1) write a poem about something that's your favorite, and (2) write a poem that features the idea of "play". So here's a little light verse about my favorite game.

Weigh with Words

I think a splendid game of Scrabble
sets one above the common rabble.
Strategic placement of those tiles
can bring sweet scores to lexophiles.
How great to get your foe in trouble
with “bingos” or a triple-double.
The winning Scrabble player girds
his loins with rare, exotic words,
Like QI and QAT and SYZYGY,
and ZAX and SUQ and QUIXOTRY.
Though words like MUZJIKS bring elation,
They’re hard to work in conversation.
Vocabulary won’t impress
when causing listeners distress.
So go enjoy your game of Scrabble;
but know some words just sound like babble.