Saturday, April 14, 2018

PAD Day 14: The Stuff (and Nonsense) of Dreams

Today's prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo: (1) write a "report" poem, and (2) write a poem based on entries in a "dream dictionary", which purports to interpret symbolism in dreams.  The actual assignment was to write entries for the following dream "symbols": teacup, hammer, seagull,
ballet slipper, shark, wobbly table, dentist, and rowboat. I stretched the prompt a little here, and had a little fun, even if it's not great poetry.

Spectral Analysis

I. Report from Dreamland

Last night I sat down with my teacup on a wobbly table.
I invited my dentist to tea, and he brought a hammer
in case I needed him to smash the china.
I put on ballet slippers before we both went fishing
in my leaky rowboat. In the middle of the lake,
a seagull crapped on my head
and a shark took a bite out of my oar.

II. Interpretation from the Dream Dictionary

The teacup is an obvious symbol of hospitality.
You invite the dentist because you like him
as a person, but the china represents your teeth,
and the dentist’s hammer, his tools.
It’s time to get a new dentist.

The wobbly table represents either your fear
of the decline in your physical condition,
or a hatred of assembling Ikea furniture.

The ballet slippers stand for your need
to feel more agile on your feet, or at least
a secret desire to walk en pointe.

As far as the seagull dumping on your head,
well, you can figure that one out pretty easily yourself,
although it could just signify the wish for a new hat.

Sharks always represent the same thing,
without exception. Swimming towards one
means you will need a lawyer.
Trying to escape one means a lawyer will sue you.
And shark bites, obviously, are legal fees.

The leaky rowboat is, of course, the Ship of State,
but rowing it to the middle of a lake could mean
you want to escape all the wackos
who want to interpret your dreams.


Shannon Blood said...

Love it! Great fun. :)

Vince Gotera said...

"And shark bites, obviously, are legal fees." Obviously! Ha ha ha.