Wednesday, April 25, 2018

PAD Day 25 Bonus: On Big Words

Here's another poem in response to the Poetic Asides prompt to use an intriguing or unusual word as the title of a poem:


Here I reside, 39 degrees North,
at the 75th West meridian,
where daily a poem is issuing forth -
my output is very quotidian.

But "quotidian" also means "everyday",
"ordinary", "routine", even "humdrum",
so regularly finding some new things to say
can get to be quite a conundrum.

I'll try to inject more poetical words
like "gossamer", "yore" and "obsidian",
but flowery language is just for the birds,
and so, I should think, is "quotidian".

There's no need to make all the language buffs squirm;
your logic need not be Euclidian,
to know "everyday" is an everyday term
used much more each day than "quotidian".

1 comment:

Vince Gotera said...

Now THAT is funny! Great job, Bruce. The rhymes are fun. I particularly like "Euclidean"!